Thursday, July 16, 2015

BeautyCon LA

BeautyCon is the world’s premiere fashion, beauty, wellbeing & lifestyle destination for fans, brands, and content creators.

At #BeautyConLA, hundreds of content creators and celebrities will come together to network, mingle, discuss the future of online media, hang with you and participate in panel discussions + Q&As. Thousands of beauties will attend BeautyCon LA to participate in interactive presentations, watch performances, create content, shop, play games, learn about new products, and above all, mingle with some of their favorite content creators!

So this weekend, my best friend and I went to BeautyCon Los Angeles. I had the chance to meet many beauty junkies (like myself) and hundreds of brands. I have never been in a single place where I've totally been submerged into "girl world". Seriously, the little girly girl inside me screamed with excitement as vendors gave us samples and freebies, I almost felt guilty for my Mexican-ness coming out haha (that was a joke). If I wasn't saving up for San Francisco, I would have gone CRAZY with my spendings. The only purchase I made was at the Nasty Gal booth. I bought a super cute chain choker for about $35. Can't wait to wear it to Outside Lands! Maybe I'll do a post on what I plan to take! I attended a panel called "Becoming a Digital Media Sensation", presented by makeup artists, beauty influencers, and an agent. Basic takeaway I got was 1) Be consistent with postings and 2) Be authentic. I also got to meet one of my favorite makeup gurus, Kandee Johnson! I remember her being one of the first people on YouTube that I started subscribing to and I'm still in love with her videos (le sigh). If I were ever to become a public figure in the beauty industry outside of Avon, I would want to be like her. Overall, I had loads of fun and got to enjoy the day with my best friend Janira.

Here are my tips for you if you ever plan on attending a BeautyCon in the future:

1. Get there EARLY: Parking is bad. Crowds are bad. Get there before the gates open so you don't miss out on any of the panels or meet ups.

2. There is no such thing as lines: Another reason why you should get there early is because there is no set markings of where lines begin and where lines end, thus leading to huge crowds shoving to get into the main building. I had to wait 45 minutes after entering the grounds to get inside the main building because there were people shoving and cutting. Be prepared for some shoulder to shoulder love.

3. Don't let the rich kids get you down: I had an incident where I was standing in the Sprinkles line to get free ice-cream and this 15 yr old tried to cut in front of 20 people. Her plastic surgery faced mom stood on the side, encouraging them to do it and group of snobby rich girls tried to get in front of me and my friend. Being fully aware that they did not stand in front of us for the last 15 minutes, I got in front of her. She turned around to her crew and said "OMG, WE'RE LIKE BEING PUSHED TO THE SIDE". Eventually, we got our ice-cream before they did but after the people behind us got their ice creams too, the 15 yr old complained to the Sprinkles staff member about how she was pushed to the side. One chic told her that she cut in front of everyone and after that, the girl made a face... an ugly one too. I wanted to turn around and tell her that just because she was white and had a Chanel purse, it doesn't make her entitled to cut in front of 20-30 people for FREE ice-cream. C'mon! So ladies, realize that at BeautyCon LA, you might run into lots of over privileged girls like this. Don't let them step all over you but also remember to be a lady (if you can).

4. Try to plan your day: With all the vendors passing out free stuff, its easy to get distracted and miss out on cool panels and meet ups. Try to schedule your day so you can take advantage of as much as possible.

5. Go with a best friend: Everything is always more fun when you can enjoy it with a best friend! Trust.
Below is last year's BeautyCon trailer. Enjoy!

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