Monday, June 29, 2015

Just Peachy

PEACH DRESS - MINKPINK (Wasteland @ Melrose, LA)
 "REGINA" WEDGE - JEFFREY CAMPBELL (Buffalo Exchange @ La Brea, LA) 
CAT EYE SUNNIES  - Bought from blogger Amy Rolland via Depop

Last weekend I attended a wedding in Denver, CO. It was about 95 degrees and humid! Eeeek! So glad I wore this loose and flowy dress I found at Wasteland to keep me sane and cool. I paired it with my Jeffrey Campbell low wedged heels for comfort and this tribal and roomy clutch bag that fit all my necessities (except my camera).  However, it encouraged me to take excessive photos throughout the festivities, so all is good! I'll be posting photos from the trip soon! xx

Friday, June 19, 2015

Finally made my first makeup tutorial!!! I am so proud of myself *tear*. I don't know why I've waited so long to do this if doing my own makeup is like the highlight of my day (shhhhh). I hope you will find this video enjoyable and I can't wait to make my next one!
xx, Ivey

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Review: Anew Vitale Day Lotion Broad Spectrum SPF 25

I am so excited to share about some goodies I was sent from Avon for reviewing!

ANEW Vitale Day Lotion Broad Spectrum SPF 25 

"This day moisturizing lotion helps offset the appearance of fatigue and stress for younger and more radiant looking skin.  In just 3 days, pores look smaller and skin looks naturally radiant. In as little as one week, provides a uniform, evenly toned appearance. Contains UVA/UVB protection. Suitable for all skin tones."


Sunscreen keeps skin from prematurely aging or getting blotchy
Harsh UV rays can damage skin collagen, elastin fibers, and DNA 
Sunscreen has UV filters that absorb or scatter UV light

Promotes skin cell maturation before it sheds
Improved hydration in skin's outer layer
Epidermal thickness increases
Aids bruised and swollen skin
Excellent for acne prone, oily skin
Diminishes dullness and enhances skin's luminosity


-Provides broad spectrum sun protection = BIG +
-Packaging with built in pump keeps light and air sensitive particles from breaking down when used
-Fast absorbing, matte finish! (BONUS FOR OILY SKIN)

Overall, I really REALLY liked this product. Because the consistency is more lightweight, I would recommend this to someone that is more on the normal to oily skin side. If you have drier skin, I would use the Vitale Day CREAM instead of the lotion. Although I love both, the lotion is perfect for the summer. Excess oils on the skin can make us look dull and more prone to other skin conditions like acne and redness. I love that the Vitale Day Lotion has Glycerin, an ingredient that helps all these issues associated with oiliness. Also, with any broad spectrum product for the face, greasiness is usually an issue. However, with the Vitale, I NEVER felt greasy. In fact, I felt like my skin was more mattified. Neat, right? After using the product for about a week, I noticed that my skin looked brighter and my pores looked somewhat smaller! I have now been using the Vitale Day Lotion consistently for about a month now and my face not only looks more even, I've been having less breakouts. Definitely a hit product for summer.

To purchase Anew Vitale Day Lotion, go here.