Thursday, December 3, 2015


Okay... so I've been MIA for a while now. The last few months have been so busy. I went to New York, have been trying to get into working out more consistently, and have been focusing on my business. Like I seriously need to get a mani-pedi, facial and a haircut stat! Frankly, I need to be better about prioritizing my schedule along with taking better care of myself haha. Anyways, with Christmas around the corner and my birthday following soon after, I thought of things that I've been wanting to get my hands on. Take a look!

Gwen Stefani x Urban Decay Eyeshadow Palette
Because why wouldn't I want a makeup palette designed by my queen???

Holographic Backpack
I love anything holographic. I've actually been eyeing this UNIF backpack for a long time but I don't think they're available anymore. Not sure since I haven't been looking recently. Just look at those colors... *sigh*

Vans Classic Slip-On Sneaker in Matte Irridescent
I haven't worn Vans since 9th grade. When I saw these babies though, I fell in love. Plus, I gotta match with the backpack! Unfortunately, they're already sold out on NastyGal. 

White Queen/Full Duvet Cover
Since I bought my comforter, I have been having the most amazing sleep ever! However, I'm beginning to realize that with continued use and washing, it's begun to show signs of wear and small little stains (darn those pomegranate seeds!). Currently looking for a duvet cover with a high thread count. Found this one from Target :)

Bohemian Jewels
I would say my ideal style is boho + glam grunge. I love all things hippy, leopard, black and spiked. Would love to expand my boho jewelry collection, especially rings. 

Face Sheet Masks
The first sheet mask I've ever tried was the Tony Moly I'm Real Rice Mask Sheet from Urban Outfitters for only $3! After one use, my skin looked and felt amazing! No breakouts, no extra oils, no hyper pigmentation. I'm seriously in love with these. 

Getaway Trips
If there's one thing I love more than discovering good places to eat, it's cool places to travel to. Luckily, these places are within a 4 hour drive at most. Would love to visit (from the top) : 1) Big Bear- cabin, fireplace, waffle house for breakfast, sip on hot chocolate while looking at the snow. 2) Solvang- I came here in February for my 21st birthday with my boyfriend. It was so stunning to see a Danish village and with the holiday season here, I bet it's even more festive. 3) Palm Spring's RoboLights- This Christmas display flows over 4 acres of crazy statues, weird decorations, set ups, and artwork. Reading about this reminds me of Tio's Tacos in Riverside. Down to drive an hour to see this in person!

Well, there you have it! My wish list at the moment. 
Hope you enjoyed the read!

xo, Ivey

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