Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Sin City

So this past weekend, I stayed in Vegas with some friends and a bunch of people I had never met.


I had previously gone to Vegas on a trip for Avon that I won for an incentive. I had a good time and all, but I spent the majority of the time with ladies that were much older than me (no offense Avon ladies). So pretty much, this was my very first time having the actual Vegas experience. We were a group of at least 15 people all cozied up in a suite right off the strip in the Wyndham Hotel.
Day 1: We arrived at the hotel and start getting ready to go out. Everyone is drinking excessively at this point and taking photos. We left the hotel and walked down the strip for about 5 hours. So much fun!!! I even ran into my old friend from high school. All of us didn't get back to the hotel until about 4am. Unfortunately, all the places to sleep were taken so that night, I slept next to my best friend and her bf in the last available queen sized bed (ahahaha).
Day 2: I probably woke up like a billion times because around 7am, people were already starting to drink, play around and talk loudly!!! We ate pancakes and went to the Draii Pool Party. TONS of plastic surgery victims and pretty boys that were a little too pretty filled the waters. There I was, having eaten a pancake combo an hour before, hoping my high waisted Bongo jeans would do me some justice and hide my gut haha. Regardless, the music was good and the water felt amazing. A few hours later, we went back to our hotel, chilled, and then started getting ready for a big night at Club XS at the Wynn, where ZEDD was playing that evening. After waiting about an hour in line, we got in!  This place was gorgeous! Zedd came on around 2am and it was amazing! We danced off the ledge of the pool and ended up jumping in with all the other retarded people (Yes, we were retards for jumping in, because now I am sick from walking the strip in drenched clothes). WORTH IT THOUGH. We got back to our room at 6 IN THE MORNING! I showered, then slept on the floor this time with my memory foam pad. Sleep until 1pm!
Day 3: Chill, Pack, Eat pizza at Moon Doggies, and go to Pasadena for a friend's birthday.
Overall, I had a blast. Besides the perverted men and the sexism that goes on in Vegas, who you go with makes all the difference and this crew was so down for whatever. Can't wait to go back when I have time to recover and save some monies! Who's down to join?!

xo, IveyDee

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