Friday, October 3, 2014

Hey dolls!

My birth name is Ivanna Carin Diaz. I am a 22 year old from Southern California. I just graduated with a BA in Studio Art from the University of California in Riverside and landed an internship with a successful wardrobe stylist in Los Angeles. I have a passion for creation and adventure. My focus is on makeup and clothing. I have professional experience in Theater Costuming and Beauty Consulting and seek to expand my passion to the entertainment industry or media industry. I love making women (and men!) feel good about themselves and have confidence in what they wear every day. I hope to somehow turn this goal of mine into a professional career where I may be able to apply my knowledge on art along the way. I don't seek to make this look like a professional blog. This is merely a way to seek insight,  explore ideas and put them into a collective diary blog that I can use to express myself and hopefully inspire others.

Stay tuned and see what I got in store for ya! ;-)



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